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Rabbi Naomi Hyman | Vayishlakh

Vayishlakh: Conditional Identity

In this week’s reading, Vayishlakh/And He Sent, Jacob is finally ready to return home after a twenty year absence. Paralleling his earlier flight from his enraged brother, he stopped on his way and spent the night alone in a desolate place where he once again encountered the Divine: … A man wrestled with him until […]

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Vayishlakh: Wrestling with Life

Years have passed since Ya’akov/Jacob betrayed his brother and tricked his father into blessing him. ┬áHe has prospered in exile, gathering wives, wealth, and progeny, but the time has come to return. Understandably concerned about the reception he will receive from the brother who swore to kill him, Ya’akov sends emissaries to Aysav/Esau to gauge […]

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