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Rabbi Naomi Hyman | Vayiggash 2016

Vayiggash: Don’t Know Mind

This week’s reading (Vayiggash) concludes the story of Joseph and his brothers. At the conclusion of last week’s reading, a stolen goblet was discovered in Benjamin’s pack. Benjamin was the youngest of Jacob’s sons and especially beloved by his father as his mother, Rachel, had died and Joseph was presumed dead. The goblet had been […]

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Vayigash: Life Preservers

In this week’s Torah portion (Vayigash/And he approached), Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers.  As you may recall, these same brothers sold Joseph into slavery and hadn’t seen him since. When a severe famine left them no alternative, they journeyed to Egypt to seek sustenance. Meanwhile, Joseph had attained great power and was now […]

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Rabbi Naomi Hyman | Blessing Pharaoh

Vayiggash: Blessing Pharaoh

This week’s Torah portion is full of drama, hope and healing. There is so much going on in this reading that it’s no surprise the following passage is often overlooked: Yosef brought his father Ya’akov and had him stand in the presence of Pharaoh and Ya’akov gave Pharaoh a blessing. Pharaoh said to Ya’akov: How many are the […]

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