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Rabbi Naomi Hyman | Vaera 2017

Vaera: In Defiance of Despair

This week’s Torah portion, Vaera, focuses on the power struggle between Pharaoh and Moses. Interestingly, even though this battle is on behalf of the Children of Israel, their response to the unfolding drama consists, in this reading, of just one verse: And Moses spoke–just as [God had instructed him] to the Children of Israel, but they […]

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Rabbi Naomi Hyman | Finding Your Voice

Vaera: Finding Your Voice

Moshe’s initial attempt to free the Children of Israel had failed. Pharaoh had punished his audacity by imposing even harsher conditions on the Israelite slaves. Moshe cried out to God, wondered why God had sent him, when all he had managed to do was to make things worse. God responded to his plea, reiterated the promise of liberation, […]

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