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Rabbi Naomi Hyman | Toledot

Toledot: Digging Deep

The last three Torah portions focused on Abraham’s life. Over the next few weeks, a even larger number of readings will concentrate on his grandson, Jacob. But Abraham’s son Isaac is the center of attention in just one parashah, Toledot/generations, and only one chapter of this week’s text provides any direct information about him. In chapter 26, we learn […]

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Rabbi Naomi Hyman | Questions and Answers

Toledot: Questions and Answers

Twenty years have passed since Rivkah’s encounter with Avraham’s servant at the well. She and Yitzhak are married, but have no children. God’s assurance that Avraham will be the father of a great people seems to be in jeopardy.  The blessings for fertility that Rivkah’s people bestowed upon her echo painfully.  Yitzhak, forty years old, […]

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