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Rabbi Naomi Hyman | Terumah 2016

Terumah: Foolish Wisdom

This week’s reading, Terumah/Offerings, describes the necessary steps for creating the mishkan, the portable sanctuary that accompanied the Israelites on their desert wanderings. That being the case, it is not the easiest reading from which to derive spiritual teachings. But the rabbinic imagination is nothing if not fertile, and the commentaries on this week’s portion offer fascinating […]

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Rabbi Naomi Hyman | Terumah

Terumah: Offering Space

This week’s Torah portion is Terumah, which means “offering”. The reading opens with a divine request for gifts of specific items that will be used to construct a sanctuary. These offerings are not mandatory but are to come from those whose hearts are moved to contribute. The text explains the project this way: Let them […]

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