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Ki Tavo

Rabbi Naomi Hyman | Ki Tavo 2016

Ki Tavo: Joy for the World

This week’s reading, Ki Tavo (When You Enter), opens with instructions for expressing gratitude, including a powerful ritual for offering first fruits to God. Once that ritual has been completed, the Israelites are instructed to celebrate their good fortune: You are to rejoice in all the good that YHVH, your God, has given you and your household; you, […]

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Rabbi Naomi Hyman | Ki Tavo

Ki Tavo: Be Silent and Know

This week, I’m going to reflect on a verse that appears toward the end of this week’s reading and work backwards toward an earlier verse because I see a strong connection between the two. In the Moshe’s oration to the Children of Israel in last chapter of Ki Tavo we read: Yet until this day YHVH has not given […]

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